Going Green

Going Green


If you want to 'go green' and adopt an environmentally friendly approach to cleaning at work, then GreenKleen Australia is the best choice to help you with this. With almost 40 years’ experience in the cleaning trade, we’re one of Melbourne's most trusted cleaning companies and offer exceptional services for great prices.

Whether you want windows washed, carpets or curtains steam cleaned, need solid waste removed, or something else, our expert team is the perfect choice every time. Working efficiently and to the highest standard, we use eco-friendly products and methods to ensure complete customer satisfaction on every job.

Mission statement

At GreenKleen Australia, we're committed to maintaining and developing our role as a leading competitor for commercial cleaning in Melbourne via environmentally sustainable practices.

Our goal: To meet our clients' needs and expectations with regard to a professional commercial cleaning service through the use of alternative cleaning products and/or accessories, in an effort to reduce environmental impact and human health risks. 

Our clients' needs and expectations will be met by our commitment to:

  • Personal service and regular customer liaison
  • Quality assurance methodologies
  • A continuous improvement policy
  • Our environmental policy and safe work method practices
  • Delivery of cleaning service requirements by skilled owner-operators
  • Providing value for money

We will nurture our team and owner-operator commitment to reach our goal by,

  • Encouraging group participation in operating the business and striving toward perfection
  • Creating a friendly working environment where all are respected and valued
  • Seeking the most efficient and environmentally sustainable work practices to achieve improved results
  • Maintaining ongoing training sessions to keep abreast with commercial cleaning standards and changes in green cleaning practices
  • Promoting job satisfaction
  • Rewarding outstanding performance 

Committed to providing an environmentally friendly cleaning service, at GreenKleen Australia, we also encourage our customers to adopt the same approach. We believe that a combination of small eco-positive/carbon-reducing changes made within any workplace can ultimately result in large-scale benefits for the environment.

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we’ve joined forces with a number of other green-minded businesses and organisations, including Landcare Australia, Grow Me The Money and Co2 Stats. Working together means we expand our green network, increase awareness and, most importantly, actively help reduce global carbon emissions.

Choosing GreenKleen Australia as your preferred commercial cleaning contractor for your business is one small, yet very simple step you can take to reducing your carbon footprint. 

Our Environmental Policy covers the activities, products and services of both our office-based and off-site cleaning operations.

Our environmental commitment is that we will:

  • Submit bi-annual contributions to Landcare Australia for the management of Landcare projects in Victoria, including the Habitat 141 project in Western Victoria
  • Reduce our carbon emissions via conservation methods and certified offsets
  • Promote and provide the use of biodegradable/eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Use micro-fibre cloth cleaning systems where appropriate
  • Conserve energy, paper, water and other natural resources where possible, while still providing a comfortable working environment
  • Promote and provide recycling services and practices to minimise waste
  • Promote and provide bathroom paper products manufactured from recycled materials
  • Provide an environmentally sound workplace, and progressively implement a range of environmentally sound work practices, with a focus on continual improvement of these
  • Promote a culture of responsible environmental management
  • Include environmental impacts in our purchasing and business planning decision-making processes
  • Comply with applicable Australian Government laws and regulations in relation to environmental issues for business.

Engage the community in environmental initiatives aligned with our business values