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GreenKleen Commercial Office Cleaning in Hallam

GreenKleen are leading commercial cleaners in Hallam and surrounds. We specialise in providing localised, high-quality cleaning solutions using environmentally sustainable products for your Hallam workplace.

When you choose to go with GreenKleen Australia to take care of your commercial office cleaning needs in Hallam, you can be assured that our cleaning team are fully qualified and professional in their manner and quality of service.

You can also be assured that the products used by our cleaning company are eco-friendly products. They’re healthier for your workplace as you know they are not harsh chemicals that could damage your belongings and will not fill the air with strong chemical scents!  healthier for sensitive employees that may suffer from allergies and overall better for the environment.

You can contact GreenKleen Australia for a variety of commercial cleaning service in Melbourne. We provide a range of services like carpet and window cleaning, drape and curtain cleaning, floor maintenance, recycling and more.
Are you looking for reliable and specialised office cleaning and commercial cleaning solutions in Hallam? Contact our friendly team today to learn more about how we can help and for details on our range of cleaning services that help promote healthy work environments.

Commercial Cleaning In Hallam: Our Service Range

The commercial cleaning services provided by GreenKleen are not only high-quality but are also reasonably priced. We believe maintaining a clean and healthy work environment should not break your bank!

You can contact GreenKleen Australia for a variety of commercial cleaning solutions in Melbourne. We provide a range of services at competitive rates:

  • Office Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Drape & Curtain Cleaning

GreenKleen: Your Premium Feminine Hygiene Disposal Unit Provider

GreenKleen also provides sanitary waste disposal units and offer sanitary bin collection service in compliance with regulations and Occupational Health and Safety Standards.

Australian laws around sanity units dictate that that all employers must sufficiently equip all available bathroom cubicles with a sanitary unit. At GreenKleen Australia all of our feminine sanitary disposal units comply with legislations set in place by the Australian government.

Sanitary Bin Services In Hallam

GreenKleen Australia offers a range of sizes and styles to choose from in our sanitary bin range. Our feminine hygiene bins are sleek and discreet for your bathroom. We also provide a comprehensive sanitary waste service with each unit.

Ideally, your sanitary waste disposal service should provide your office with:

  • Hygenic and discrete method to dispose of sanitary waste products
  • Units are designed to minimise unpleasant odours that often occur with blood borne waste
  • Reduces the risk of expensive plumbing repairs by encouraging the correct disposal of sanitary waste products in the sanitary bins rather than being flushed down the toilet

Sanitary Disposal Services - Quality Service at Affordable Rates

GreenKleen Australia discreetly provides sanitary bin services including sanitary bin collection service to your Melbourne workplace for the hygienic disposal of feminine napkins and tampons. At the agreed servicing time, each unit is installed by our team of trained personnel. Our units have been designed to be positioned in individual cubicles and are serviced monthly, twice monthly, or even weekly with a freshly cleaned replacement to suit your specific requirements.

For quality sanitary bin hire at great rates in Melbourne, contact the team at GreenKleen Australia today.

Reliable Office Cleaning in Hallam

At GreenKleen Australia we understand the importance of a clean and healthy environment, inside and outside your workplace. That’s why we ensure that our commercial cleaners use only high-grade, eco-friendly cleaning materials. If you’re looking to buy environmentally sustainable cleaning products for your office supplies, you can make purchases from our product range, available online.

Are you looking for reliable commercial cleaning solutions in Dandenong?
Contact GreenKleen today to discuss your options, we service surrounding areas of Hallam , as well as many other locations within Melbourne.


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