Commercial Office Cleaning Services Moorabbin


Is your company a bit of a mess? Do you find it hard to get to all of the cleaning or are your employees just not doing their part when it comes to keeping office areas all shiny and sparkly?

Then you need the help of GreenKleen. Our trusted commercial cleaning service is the preferred cleaning company in Moorabbin that you can trust for all of your commercial and office cleaning needs because we use modern and eco-friendly cleaning products and methods that will benefit your business, all of your employees, all of your customers and especially the environment.


With GreenKleen you never have to worry about a messy, dusty or dirty office ever again. Our trained staff will perform all of the needed office cleaning chores in any type of office from big to small for you. We can take care of all of the rubbish removals, dusting, surface washing and disinfecting, desk and office equipment cleanup and will even ensure that all of your electronics get the needed hygiene care. Our professional cleaners can also properly clean off any type of floor surface including carpets and will ensure that bathroom facilities are perfectly clean, hygienic and odour free.


Small to Medium and even larger companies can use our environmentally friendly services. We have all the needed equipment to properly clean any type of commercial company of any size. Our skilful cleaning teams are always lead by supervisors who will ensure that every square inch of your company is professionally cleaned out. At GreenKleen we will take care of all commercial cleaning tasks from kitchen cleanup to bathroom disinfecting. We can clean out all flooring types including driveways and walkways and can even deep wash these surfaces with our pressure washers.


It is a necessary requirement that all businesses are covered with comprehensive sanitary bin services including feminine sanitary disposal services and sanitary bin collection services. As leading commercial cleaners in Moorabbin, you can rely on us to take care of all your sanitary waste disposal needs. We offer sanitary bin hire which includes the professional installation of commercial grade, quality sanitary disposal units for the workplace. Our bin collection service ensures safe and hygienic sanitary waste disposal. In line with your needs; our bins can be serviced monthly, twice monthly, or even weekly with a freshly cleaned replacement to suit your specific requirements.


Account management – When you hire your own cleaners you are responsible for salaries and benefits and you also have to deal with sick days. When you use a cleaning company like ours, you never have to worry about these extra duties ever again. Our account managers will take care of all of these tasks for you.

No staff leave to worry about – You never have to worry about the sick days, off days or leave days of your cleaners ever again. We will ensure that there will be a cleaner at your company every single time you need our services.
Customised solutions – Every business in Moorabbin is unique and has unique cleaning requirements. When you schedule commercial cleaning you can include any cleaning tasks you need and you can get our cleaners as frequently as you need or only once in a while to help you deep clean your business and offices. We cater to big to small businesses and offer cleaning solutions that suit your exact need.

A healthier work environment – At GreenKleen, we only use environmentally friendly cleaning products and our expert cleaners are professionally trained to properly clean your work environment. With a clean and hygienic workplace and no exposure to harsh chemicals, your employees and customers can enjoy optimised health at all times.


To find out more about our incredible commercial and office cleaning services in Moorabbin, give Greenkleen a call right now and book your scheduled cleaning as frequently as you need.

Are you looking for a reliable and specialized office cleaning and commercial cleaning needs in Noble Park? Then you'll be pleased to know that we offer our full range of cleaning services to surrounding suburbs and all across Melbourne.

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