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Hard Floor Maintenance

GreenKleen - Hard floor and office cleaning services

We follow these following process in our Hard Floor Maintenance to provide high quality services.

Machine burnishing (buffing) - to keep your hard floors looking immaculate, mopping just isn’t enough, so we offer machine burnishing or buffing for worn, scuffed surfaces. Whether you have vinyl, terrazzo or terracotta floors, we can help keep your floor looking clean and shiny and make it last long into the future. Look for our full range of office cleaning services and choose best for you.

Using industrial floor burnishers/ buffing machines with commercial grade buffing pads, our team will create a clean, shiny, non-slip finish for a great value price.

Floor stripping and sealing - if you’ve been buffing your hard floor and it no longer creates the desired effect, then the next step is floor stripping and sealing. Our team can work efficiently to strip way the existing worn-out sealer, before mechanically cleaning the floor surface underneath. We’ll then re-apply a new sealer and hardener, leaving your floors looking like new.

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