Ultrasonic blind cleaning Services Melbourne
Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

GreenKleen Ultrasonic blind office cleaning services:

Used in hospitals and dental clinics for sterilisation purposes, ultrasonic cleaning is an extremely thorough cleaning process. At GreenKleen Australia, we use it to give you spotless blinds in no time, no matter what type of blinds you have. We also offer other cleaning services for any office or commercial premises. 

How does it work?

  • The blinds are placed into specially designed stainless steel ultrasonic tanks which produce high-frequency sound waves in water.
  • The sound waves then produce millions of high-energy micro bubbles, which implode and literally suck all the traces of dirt and grime from the blinds in just minutes.
  • No dangerous chemicals are required and the water in the tanks can be reused numerous times.
  • Ultrasonic blind cleaning is the only process that can remove nicotine stains, smoke damage, mould and other heavy staining, prolonging the life of your blinds and creating a cleaner and healthier work environment.

Whether you have Venetian, vertical, pleated or Holland blinds, ultrasonic cleaning can be used for them all. What’s more, our Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning services involves collecting your blinds, clean them thoroughly (off-site) and then return and reinstall them, for your ultimate convenience.

So you looking for Ultrasonic blind office cleaning services to make your curtains and blinds more hygienic, contact us.

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