Commercial Office Cleaning Services in Malvern


Operating a business comes with its challenges but the general housekeeping of your work environment shouldn’t be one to cause you stress - choose professional commercial cleaners to take care of that mess. If you run a business in Malvern and you are looking to get your workplace looking clean, healthy and secure, as well as safe for your employees, then GreenKleen Australia is for you.


We are a dedicated team of cleaning experts with one goal in mind: to clean your office with the highest quality eco-friendly products, leaving you with a safe and healthy place to work. We will make your workplace feel comfortable and relaxed, so that everyone in your office - you, your employees, and even your clients - will be comfortable.
For a cleaning company with a difference, GreenKleen Australia is for you.


While many other commercial cleaning companies are stuck in the old ways of using chemically-based cleaning products, we have broken with tradition and use only eco-friendly applications.
Our cleaning products are non-toxic, non-chemical, and environmentally sound. There will be no leftover smell in your office, transforming your workplace into a clean healthy environment. It is safe for everyone, as well as eco-friendly. We can completely transform your workplace for the better and ensure you are able to work in comfort.

GreenKleen Australia is Malvern’s number one eco-friendly office cleaning company. If you are looking to transform your office for the better, then call us on 9544 9622. Or email us at and we will get back to you ASAP!


We don’t believe in overcharging to make extra profit. We believe in providing a service that is fair and affordable for everyone. That is why our services can be catered to the needs of your office. Looking to get your windows cleaned? We can do it. Thinking about getting your carpets cleaned? We can do that too. All our commercial cleaning services can be catered to your requirements. We can provide you with the following:

  • Window cleaning
  • Floor cleaning options such as carpet and hard floor cleaning
  • Curtain cleaning, which can include ultrasound blind and drape cleaning
  • High-Pressure cleaning for outdoor areas

We can even provide you with additional services such as rubbish removal and waste management
These are just some of our services that can be applied to your office cleaning. For more information on how we can help you, speak to us today about our services.


It is important that all businesses are covered with comprehensive sanitary bin services including feminine sanitary disposal services and sanitary bin collection services. As Malvern’s leading commercial cleaners, you can rely on us to take care of all your sanitary waste disposal needs. We offer sanitary bin hire of commercial grade, quality sanitary disposal units for the workplace. Our bin collection service ensures safe and hygienic sanitary waste disposal. In line with your needs; our bins can be serviced monthly, twice monthly, or even weekly with a freshly cleaned replacement to suit your specific requirements.


With over 35 years experience in the industry, a passion for cleaning and a clear conscious for the environment, we can make all the difference to your Malvern office. We have everything you need in a team of cleaners that can completely transform your office for the better.

Next time you feel like coming into an office that is free from toxins and chemicals, then reach out to the experts at GreenKleen Australia. We can be the difference for your workplace! So reach out and book an appointment with one of our cleaners today.

Are you looking for a reliable and specialised office cleaning and commercial cleaning needs in Narre Warren? Then you'll be pleased to know that we offer full range of cleaning services that help promote healthy work environments.

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